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amateur Photographer 18 October 2008

Thomas Kellner in: amateur Photographer 18 October 2008, pages 044 & 045

Book review: Dancing Walls


If you love taking photographs of famous locations but are looking for something new, then Thomas Kellner could inspire you to shoot your top hotspots with a difference. Beware, though, as this photo adventure will cost a fortune in film – unless you do a digital cheat. Thomas is creating contemporary visions with style and class. As Alison Nordström says in the introduction, ‘ Kellner chose to make an image that could not for a moment be equated with the real thing, by moving his camera in a succession of  shots that he collectively combined to constitute both reference and an interpretation’. Kellner has captured every part of a scene like an eye darting from one area to the next. Often more than 100 images have contributed to the final print. (amateur photography 18 October 2008, page 45)