title: Ozymandias

editor (Herausgeber): Ffotogallery, Cardiff

authors (Autoren): A. D. Coleman

artists (Künstler): Thomas Kellner

format: 24,5×16,7cm | 9,6×6,6inches, 72 pages, hardcover

languages (Sprachen): English

publisher (Verlag): Ffotogallery, Cardiff

ISBN 1-872771-46-7

published (year): 2003

edition (Auflage): 1000

price: N.N.

Ozymandias, the 64 page, full colour publication is Thomas Kellner’s second monograph and includes an illuminating text by A.D. Coleman, one of the most influential and imaginative international writers on photography. In his essay, Structure Implies and Movement Possesses, Coleman finds precedents in popular culture which parallel the comedy of Kellner’s playful works, and in a much more sinister context, considers the artist’s work against the backdrop of the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York.

It is this ability for Kellner’s studies of man-made structures to exude multiple imaginings that ultimately makes his oeuvre so compelling.

Thank you to Ffotogallery and Christopher Coppock for this wonderful book and a special thanks to AD Coleman for his essay and inspiration for the books title.