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narrascape, 2003-05

Deborah Robinson: Thomas Kellner, in Narrascape, exhibition catalogue, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2003

Thomas Kellner is engaged in an epic  project entitled Monumente. He-has  chosen to photograph iconic  architecture from throughout the world,  photographing such familiar buildings  as the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate  Bridge, Houses of Parliament,  Stonehenge, and for the purposes of  this particular exhibition, The New Art  Gallery Walsall. Rather than selecting a  single shot from a fixed viewpoint,  Thomas takes his Influence from the  history of painting, and in particular,  from artists like Robert Delaunay whose  faceted images of the Eiffel Tower have  become iconic images in their own  right. Thomas takes photographs of  details of buildings from many different viewpoints and the resulting contact prints are used to build fascinating images of otherwise familiar landmarks. Up to 36 films may be required for the creation of a single image. Aside from offering alternative visual representations of iconic buildings, Thomas's images also prompt us to question the ways in which we relate to these buildings and the broader historical, political or philosophical associations they embody.

Robinson, D., 2003. Thomas Kellner. In: Narrascape. Between the man made and the natural. Walsall: The New Art Gallery Walsall & W M Print Walsall.

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