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Shards of Light, Renée Creager O’Brien, 2001

Hubertus von Amelunxen/Thomas Kellner’s Places in: „Shards of Light“, 2001

In spring, 1996, I went on a journey around my country. I took pictures with a pinhole camera along the frontier every time with the view outside – from Germany to the neighbours. Every single picture becomes a view through the border like a view through a hole and Germany becomes a camera. The complete series shows the border itself, a panorama of inside and outside, but also the border of thinking about a land. A border is the outermost surrounding of a place. While remaining mentally approachable, geographically it seems more and more like a territorial abstraction…..

Amelunxen, H., 2001. Thomas Kellner. Kreuztal, Gemany. In: Shards of Light. An exhibition of pinhole Photography.  Queensburry: Visual Arts Gallery. p. 18.

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