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Angel-Magazin, 2001

Angel Magazin: Thomas Kellner, Deconstructed Landmarks, 2001

Fresh Art is a new concept of art fair that will be held at Islington’s Business Design Centre from July 27-29. The fair aims to allow the public to meet carefully selected, emerging independent fine artists and purchase directly from the, commission free. The artists are picked by a selection panel and presented within six designated zone areas: painting, sculpture, pint, photography, drawing and new media. The artists must not be contractually signed up to a gallery.

One exhibitor to watch out for is German photographer Thomas Kellner. His work (shown here) may already be known to may Islington residents as it is sold at Manuela Hofer Photographic Prints in 29/30 St. Alban’s Place, N1 (currently the only place it can be bought in the UK).

Kellner’s work is involved with the deconstruction of famous buildings, which are stretched, tilted and is membered in a carefully planned sequence of shots, then contact sheets are printed, using the frame numbers and film name as a key element of the finished photo.

Kellner say: “My work started with an interest in the work of French Cubist painter Robert Delaunay. I started in 1997 with the Eiffel Tower and continued to create a body of ‘deconstructions’ of all the well-known monuments of Europe”. The images of these buildings are so familiar to us – everyone has a picture – there are millions of photographs in existence which are often much better than a snapshot.

“Whenever I visit a foreign country I create my ‘deconstruction’ to say: “This is an over-photographed building. Don’t waste any more time or material on more and more pictures!”

He shoots only one roll of film per building and insists there’s no editing and retakes.

“As you can see on the contact sheet, one picture is taken after the other. It is no fake, it is planned an organised just like a Cubist picture.” Buildings that Kellner has deconstructed in this way include Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the new Greater London Assembly building.

Spottiswoode, J. 2001. Photography. Deconstructed Landmarks. In: Angel 2001, July/August 2001. p. 34.

>>> top left image MI-6 London 2001

>>> bottom left image Tate Modern 2001

>>> right side Big Ben 1999