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art Karlsruhe 2015

art Karlsruhe
in focus Galerie Cologne
March 5 - 8, 2015
Karlsruhe, Germany

exhibiting artists: Peikwen Cheng, Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Gilbert Garcin, Thomas Hoepker/ Heinz Mack, Thomas Kellner, Marc Riboud, Jan Saudek, Hans Jürgen Raabe (OAS)

 “It is Kellner’s ambition to go beyond this routine way of looking at things.” Mazancová, D., Portfolio. Thomas Kellner. In: Fotograf. Architecture No. 9, Volume 6, 2007, pages 62-71

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thank you to Burkhard and Anja Arnold for showing my work at ART Karlsruhe

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